Lampulo Floating Boat, Evidence of the Greatness of the Tsunami

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Aceh filled with a variety of interesting tourist destinations, ranging from beaches, mountains, culinary, to other historical sites. But that is not enough to make you stop visiting Aceh, you have to visit one part of the city of Banda Aceh that gives the terrible story of the Tsunami in 2004 in Aceh.

Many tourists will be surprised to see a striking sight, which is a large fishing boat dragged to the mainland as far as 3 kilometers and stranded on one of the roofs of people’s homes.

People refer to the remnants of the terrible waves as the Lampulo Floating Ship. Even though the tsunami had passed 15 years ago, the ships and houses there still retained their authenticity.

This ship is located in Lampulo Village, Kuta Alam District, Banda Aceh. To reach this location, you can use public transportation by paying Rp. 16,000 and taking about 10 minutes from the city center.

The Lampulo Floating Ship made from wood has a weight of 65 tons, with a length of 25 meters, and has a width of 5.5 meters. The bottom of the ship is painted in black, and the hull is painted in silver. While some of the walls of the ship already look rotten.

Because of the weight of the ship that was stuck on the roof of the house, the Banda Aceh City government built an iron buffer to hold the ship in position, while the roof had been installed on the ceiling.

For visitors who want to see the deck of the ship, the Banda Aceh City government has also erected a building with a five meter high ladder. From above, visitors can see the inside of the ship, and the house that was hit by the big ship.

Not far from the ship, there is a plaque written in three languages: Aceh, Indonesia, and English. This plaque was designed by the Bustanussalatin team and the Aceh-Nias Trust Fund’s Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (BRR) recovery assistance.

On the placard was written the sentence: This ship was hit by a tsunami wave on December 26, 2004 until it was stuck in this house. This ship is an important proof of how powerful the tsunami disaster was. Thanks to this ship 59 people were saved in that incident.

Visitors are not charged entry fees to the location of the Lampulo Floating Ship attraction. There you will see a charity box, and you can give money as sincerely as possible. Although there is no standard entry ticket, but this tourist location is well maintained.

The owner of the house where the ship was stranded on the roof of his house, which maintains the location of the floating ship attraction until now. He and his family still inhabit there.

At the location of this attraction has also been built public toilets that can be used free of charge by visitors. And no need to worry if you travel by private vehicle, because there are secure parking lots on site.

After you are satisfied seeing the ship on the roof of the house, there will be many snacks and souvenir sellers around the location. At least after you visit the Lampulo Floating Ship, there are souvenirs typical tourist attractions here that you can bring home for families who have not visited directly to this place.

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