PULO ACEH; The Enchantment of the Sun Immersed in Raja Ampat’s Tanoh Rencong

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If Papua has Raja Ampat, Tanah Rencong has the island of Aceh, one of the outermost islands in Aceh that has large groups of small islands flanking it. like Raja Ampat in the eastern part of Indonesia.

Its natural beauty and its soothing sea charm. So it is not wrong if you travel to Rencong land and stop by to the island of Aceh which has a million charms.

Pulo Aceh is an area that is located at the end of the borders of Aceh and the westernmost provinces of Indonesia, this region is divided into two islands namely Pulo Nasi and Pulo Breuh. These two islands are better known as Pulo Aceh, which is also one of the Subdistricts in the district of Aceh Besar, Aceh Province.

Pulo Aceh is very strategic and not far from the city of Banda Aceh which is the Capital of the Province of Aceh, this island has the potential to be developed as one of the leading tourist attractions in the province of Aceh, because Pulo Aceh has clear sea water bluish green, white sand beach clean and surrounded by enchanting green hills.

Pulo is like a beautiful virgin that has never been seen. The beauty of the charm and beauty of the outermost island in Aceh Besar will tempt travelers who love the natural beauty of this pristine and untouched nature and will make them fall in love.

The traveler who first stepped on his feet on this island will immediately “fall in love” to see its beautiful natural scenery and beaches that are still “virgin”. This scene will not be found anywhere else in Indonesia.

Sparkling white sand and scattered coral reefs and coconut and cypress trees surrounding the coast.

Pulo which is flanked by Indian Ocean waters is a sub-district with several other small islands such as Pulo Nasi, Pulo Teunom, Pulo Jroeng, Pulo Teungkurak, Pulo Bunta, Pulo Tuan Diapit, Pulo U, Pulo Sidom, Pulo Geupon, and Pulo Lhee Blah. But the only inhabited islands are Pulo Breuh and Pulo Nasi.

Even an impression trip can be done by renting a boat owned by a local fisherman who is on the dock Lampulo and Ulee Lheue. Travel time can be around 1.5 – 4 hours depending on the state of the sea.


That morning the sky was clear, the clouds that used to hang around were spoiled in the past week without being seen. The crew (ABK) began to get ready while checking the readiness of the engine as well as the courier transporting goods on Motor Boat (KM) Rahmat Rezeki seemed busy. They transported cement, foodstuffs, dozens of jerry cans of oil, complete cabinets of beds, even motorbikes, and various other goods into the ship to the island of Breueh (Beras Island) which is the outermost island in Aceh Besar District.

The last week of March 2019, I once again had the opportunity to visit an island known as a virgin island, because of the beauty of the island which is still beautiful and natural.

All loads have been loaded neatly, one by one the passengers began to board the deck of the Wooden Ship bound for Breueh Island which is a part of Aceh Island.

KM Rahmat Rezeki is one of several passenger ships heading to the outer islands of Aceh Besar, precisely to Pulo Breueh. This 50 GT vessel is the only mode of transportation to the island of Breueh. once a passenger is charged Rp.25,000with a travel time of 2-3 hours, if you bring a motorcycle, you have to spend more money on the cost of a moto bike ticket.

However, it is different if we want to travel to Nasi Island, which currently has a Roro KM ship modification. Papuyu, which has 1 trip per day with a slightly shorter distance of 1.5 hours from Ulee port with a ticket fee of Rp. 18,000 / person.Pulo Breueh entered the Pulo Aceh sub-district. Its territory is subject to the Aceh Besar District. Along the coast with Pulo Breueh, there are dozens of other small islands. But only two islands are inhabited.Another neighbored island is Pulo Rice. Their population is the same. From mainland Aceh.

Now the population is around 2 thousand inhabitants. There are five villages (villages) there. These included Alue Reuyeueng, Deudap, Lamteng, Pasi Janeng, and Rabo.There is no transportation route that connects between islands even though the distance is close together.

If Pulo Nasi residents want to go to Pulo Breueh, and vice versa, they have to rent a fishing boat. After traveling by sea I finally arrived at Breueh Island, Pulau Aceh Subdistrict, the port there was flanked by small islands and towering mountains.From the left side of the ship, travelers can look at several small, beautiful islands located nearby.

While on the right side of the ship, a wide mountain range. In a way, the charm of the Pulo Aceh entrance gate is the Raja Ampat of AcehIn Pulo Nasi itself, there are several destinations that are worth a visit. Among them, Nipah Beach, Deudap Beach, Ujong Lhok Reudep Beach, Ujong Batee Gla in Alue Riyeung Village, and Ujong Kareung Teungeh in Pasi Janeng Village to enjoy the sunset. Each of these locations has its own charm. Likewise the case with Breueh Island, which is a neighbor of Nasi Island in Aceh Island sub-district.These beautiful beaches are very suitable if used as a vacation spot with friends and family by setting up camp on the beach while being able to see the sunrise and sunset and for those who like fishing, beaches on rice island and Breueh island are very appropriate choice of fishing locations, many fish with various types in the sea.

If departing from Banda Aceh, to cross to Pulo Nasi there are two alternative choices. First by using a fishing boat that usually transports residents and various community needs there. For this option, the ship leans near the bridge into the Ulee Lheue Harbor and transports residents every day.

While the second option is to use KM Papuyu which departs from Ulee Lheue Port, Banda Aceh. Each of these options has its own sensation.While travelers who want to cross to Pulo Breueh, can board a fishing boat that leans near TPI Lampulo, Banda Aceh. There, there is a place and a special boat that every day passing by to Breuh Island.


Destinations on the island of Breueh are also no less interesting than Nasi Island,The road in Pulo Breueh is a bit challenging on many hilly roads. The turn is sharp and steep. Along the way a lot of coconut trees grow. Which makes the eyes spoiled, some beaches with white sand like rugs.

In addition to a beautiful beach with white sand and fish the tourists can also spoil their eyes seeing the appearance of the island of Aceh from the height of the navigation monitoring tower namely William Torren Lighthouse. One of the historic lighthouses from the Netherlands decades ago. The lighthouse was ready to be built by the Dutch Colonial in 1875. That said, this type of lighthouse only had three in the world. Ie, in Breueh Island, Aceh Besar district, Aceh province, the second in the Caribbean Islands and the third in the Netherlands, is now used as a museum

This lighthouse is alluded to in Onze Vestiging in Atjeh, a book about the Aceh war written by Major General GFW Borel. He said, William Torren began to be built in 1874. The Dutch East Indies government had an interest in maintaining the safety of military shipping and their merchant ships in the strategic lane around the Malacca Strait meeting with the Indian Ocean.

Hundreds of people were transported from Ambon to build this beacon tower. Also hundreds of local residents who were forced to get involved.

The depth of the tower foundation, supposedly the same as its height, 85 meters. While the thickness of the building reaches one meter. When the earthquake shook Aceh on December 26, 2004, the building did not budge. It remains firm in guiding ocean travelers.

The name of the tower William Torren is taken from the name of King of Luxembourg, Willem Alexander Paul Frederich Lodewijk. A king known for actively building the economy and infrastructure in the Dutch East Indies territory. Therefore, his name was put on the flare tower in Meulingge, Pulo Aceh.

I looked around the historic building. The atmosphere is beautiful. The tower stands on steep rock, jutting directly into the open sea.Nearby stood a two-story building. The color is white with green tile.

The upper part consists of five rooms. Whereas under three rooms. Shaped like an army dormitory. It is said that it was a prison for prisoners of war.”Now it has been restored. It has become an accommodation room, ”so tourists who want to visit the island of Breueh can spend the night there with a stay of Rp 100,000 – Rp 200,000 / night depending on the size of the room. But even though it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the rules of Islamic Shari’a and the culture of the Acehan are still guarded on this island, non-muhrim couples are not justified in sharing a room.

The road to William Torrent’s beacon has now been paved smoothly, but tourist visits are still fairly quiet. Lagging behind with the opposite island, Sabang. Whereas in addition to its historical appeal, Pulo Breueh is rich in beautiful nature tourism. Many beaches with white sand. Blue Sea. Diverse coral reefs. The forest is still dense.Not only that, Breueh Island also offers other tourist charms, which are along the coast of Serpong, almost every night there are turtles who climb the shoreline to lay eggs and unwind after swimming thousands of miles across the ocean.

On the shoreline of Serapong there is a community-owned turtle breeding ground which is twice the size of a table tennis court, half of which is covered with zinc and bamboo slats. The floor is based on the soft Serapong beach sand. Around it grows a lot of thorny pandanus trees, the area is a favorite area for sea turtles to lay eggs.

captivity has been established for two years. This breeding was made to protect the extinction of sea turtles in Indonesia, especially in Aceh.Serapong Beach was my last overnight location on Breueh Island and the next morning I had to hurry back to the capital city of Aceh province to return to my activities, my vacation was over, two days exploring tourist attractions on the island of Aceh was enough to make me fall in love on the island which is flanked by the waters of the Malacca Strait and the Indian Ocean. I hope that the island of Aceh is also one of the tourist destinations in your annual holiday list. ***

Graphic Note

  1. Aceh Island has several islands, but only 2 inhabited islands, namely Nasi Island and Breueh Island
  2. Rice Island* Can be reached by using the Papuyu ferry at Ulee port. Every day at 10:00 WIB with the distance of 1.5 hours drive. Ticket Rp. 18,000 / person* Can use a fishing bot leaning on Kuala Ulele beach near the Ulee monument. With a fare of Rp. 20,000 / person
  3. Breueh Island* This island can be reached by using a fishing boat leaning on the dock where the Lampulo fish auction is located. Sailing every day at 2:30 a.m. with a transportation fee of Rp. 25,000 / person. With a distance of 2.5 – 4 hours drive.
  4. Tourist destinations* Nipah Beach, Deudap Beach, Ujong Lhok Reudep Beach, Ujong Batee Gla in Alue Riyeung Village, and Ujong Kareung Teungeh in Pasi Janeng Village to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, camping, suitable also for snorkeling and fishing.

* William Torren’s historic lighthouse, 85 meters high from the Netherlands, can see the entire island of Aceh and ships passing through Aceh’s waters.

* Turtle breeding sites on the coast of Serapong Pulau Breueh, Aceh Island District, Aceh Besar Regency. (Fitria Juliana).

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