The Luxurious Level Seven Waterfall City of Naga

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Time still shows 10.00 WIB, when a friend and I walked along the path to the Level Seven Waterfall attraction one week at the end of March 2019. It was named “level seven” because there were seven terraced waterfalls, at one place. Its location side by side. And easy to reach by stairs.

Located in Batu Itam Village, Tapak Tuan District, South Aceh Regency. About nine hours away by land transportation from the Capital City of Aceh Province.

The rumbling of water was heard, when we entered the gate that reads Level Seven Waterfall. During the trip, seen a nutmeg as high as two meters filled the road. In my estimation, it must be the final frontier of a resident’s garden not far from the waterfall tourist attraction.

There are only two metic motorbikes parked not far from a canteen. This parking area is large enough to accommodate three to four four-wheeled vehicles. Right in front of the motorcycle parking lot, there are four doors with a toilet in front of them. From that height, the view of the third level waterfall is clearly visible.

From the parking lot, I could see several mountain cyclists carrying their bicycles. When he arrived at level two, one of them soaked his waist to the waist and carried it back to the path.

“Indeed, many are cycling to here. “I’ve never seen them take a bicycle up there,” Nulhusna told me. He is a local citizen who routinely weekends to this one waterfall. The distance from his house to the Waterfall Level Seven, only a few villages intermittent.

That said, Level Seven Waterfall is a bathing place for the dragon princess. Created with seven levels due to the contortion of the body of a long dragon princess. Local people believe the legend based on some historical facts in various places on Tapak Tuan.

When we arrived there, dozens of elementary school children were engrossed in practicing various swimming styles. Some jump from a height of one meter, some are just swimming at the edge of the crater of the waterfall. They were accompanied by their teacher and principal. That’s how schools do luxury and cheap Field trips there.

“We took the initiative to level seven, after sports hours. This place is not far from school. Since Saturday and the children agreed to recreation here, “explained a teacher assistant.
The first and second level waterfalls are not too deep. It was there, elementary school children in grades four, five and six bathed.

Our goal is a four level waterfall. Around thirty steps from level two. Well, for adults who want to swim to a certain depth, a four level waterfall is highly recommended.

High waterfall level four is only about three meters from where we swim. There, there is a big tree. Lush branches make the atmosphere swim without exposure to sunlight. As a result, the water that continues to flow, the cooler. If you can not stand the cold, then swim for a while already shivering.

If you are smart to find visiting time, like Nulhusna, you will get an atmosphere of outdoor bathing as if it were private property. The reason is, visiting “Level Seven” as local people call Waterfall Level Seven, absolutely free of charge. Only pay for parking services. Two wheels, two thousand rupiahs, and four wheels, four thousand rupiahs.

This tourist attraction is open every day. From morning to evening. Especially on Friday, tourists can only visit above at 14:00 WIB. Who is going to miss this fancy tourist spot?

Two days before Ramadan, usually the Level Seven Waterfall will be crowded. Interestingly, this time visitors came from locals. There is a culture of clean bathing and a welcoming and friendly recreation. Since Ramadan is just counting the days, there is nothing wrong for those of you who are interested in watching this local wisdom, not to miss the phenomenon that will take place once a year.

How to Visit Level Seven Waterfall
If you start the journey from the Capital of Aceh Province, you can use land transportation such as mini buses by ordering tickets at the Type A Batoh Terminal, Banda Aceh. Special trips to the western and southern parts of Aceh, transportation is only available in the afternoon and evening.

Departs at 20:00 WIB from Banda Aceh, arrives at 05.00 WIB in the City of Tapak Tuan. Night trips, making passengers more comfortable and able to rest. The tariff is only 150 thousand rupiah per person.

There are many lodgings not far from where the Level Seven Falls are. Such as Dian Rana hotel, Hotel Catherine, Hotel Metro, Azizi Hotel, Panorama Hotel, and others. Hotel rates range from 150 thousand to 300 thousand rupiah per night.
Variety of Culinary and

Souvenirs Certainly, the tour is incomplete if it does not taste the typical culinary area. South Aceh, especially Tapak Tuan is famous for taro curry or taro curry. Coconut milk broth with roasted salted fish chunks is best eaten with hot rice. The right lunch menu, after being tired of swimming in Level Seven Waterfall.

In addition, there is also a collapsed mountain sauce and boiled vegetables that are usually the mainstay menu of the local community when recreation to Level Seven. To get a sensation as a local community, you can buy food with one menu, for lunch before swimming there.

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