Jantang Lhong Bay Pasie “Aceh Hidden Beach”

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Foto: Zulfan Helmi

Nautical is one of the mainstay tours of the archipelago. And in this case Bali and Lombok are often referred to the most beautiful. These two provinces are well known for their beautiful beaches, but one that you should know about the marine tourism of the archipelago is not only about Bali or Lombok!

I just want to say, that at the end of western of the archipelago, in Aceh Besar it is exactly beautiful, beautiful beaches, coral reefs diverse with ornamental fish as well as natural expanse which is refresh the eye to see and beautiful beach with views that make you stunned.

This time, we will travel west towards Aceh, I will bring you to know more about Jantang Beach. This bay is located in Jantang Village, Meunasah Krueng Kala Pasie Blang Raya, Lhoong, Aceh Besar District. This beach is protected by two hills on the left and right.

If your travel destination is Aceh, do not miss taking the time to play in Teluk Jantang Beach. Because of the exoticness of this beach and the still unknown to many tourists, it was given the nickname “Hidden Beach”. The position is next to or on the South side of Pasi Pante Blang Raya which has already been popular.

Teluk Jantang is a narrow beach flanked by two cliffs or large rocky hills that are not too high. At this beach location you will find a stretch of white sand beach decorated with large stones scattered at the edge of the cliff.

When you have entered the area of ​​Pasi Blang Raya Beach where there are lots of pine trees, don’t forget to turn to the right, and go straight to the end approaching the river and cliffs for about 5 minutes. Park your vehicle here. You will be asked 5 thousand rupiah per vehicle as a guard fee.

Pasie dare to keep hidden beauty. Some of the beaches that I know are located on the edge of the road and are easy to find. In contrast to this Jantang Beach, the beach is hidden between two bays so we have to go on an adventure to get to the beach. Indeed it seems very troublesome? Precisely here lies the challenge! There are always sacrifices to get big things, right?

To get to Jantang Beach we will be challenged with fantastic terrain to be passed using a motorcycle. After parking the motorbike, we still have to go hiking first through the path before actually arriving at Jantang Beach.

Not just any path but a path through roads of tributary and a small hill to climb. It is not easy indeed,we will be tired and also we must be extra vigilant because of the slippery road. But in my opinion this is what is interesting from this beach, we can not necessarily reach it easily. The sensation of hiking before reaching the beach will actually be an unforgettable experience after returning home.

Besides that, prepare yourself shortly before arriving at Jantang Beach, because maybe you will scream in amazement and excitement watching the Creator’s work, the beauty of Jantang Beach!

There is one interesting here if you are sensitive enough to be around. Several burlap sacks hung from the trees. This is done so that visitors do not litter. With trash cans that are always in the reach of the eye, there is no reason for visitors to dodge. This is quite successful in keeping the beauty of Jantang Beach from irresponsible hands.

In this challenging patient area there are also weeds at waist height of adults – suitable for taking pictures. The beach with white sand and the view of coconut trees that grow parallel and thatch is lined up, and can be a photo spot or for those who like selfies. And there is rarely a place like this in the province of Aceh.

You will find it – an adult waist-high grass – suitable as a photo background. The beach with white sand and palm trees that grow parallel and weeds are lined up, what else do you expect here? All complete!

Pasi Jantang beach is not recommended for bathing because of the large stones in the sea. But this beach is very suitable for those who like fishing, are you curious of the tourist attractions in the District of Lhong Aceh Besar? Come on, what are you waiting for? Plan your time off from now.

Another unique thing is the matter of bathing. This place is not a wise choice for bathing because there are many rocks and coral reefs. Maybe you will protest because the beach should be a place to shower and unwind but unfortunately you won’t be able to do it here.

Main photo: Zulfan Helmi / NusantaraNews.com

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