Lingkok Kuwieng, the Grand Canyon of Aceh

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Pidie which has the nickname Pedir is an area that has a very exotic natural appearance, it is located at the foot of the mountain range and this seulawah valley has attractions that are not less beautiful than other districts in Indonesia’s westernmost provinces.

Starting from Culinary, Panatai, Historical tours to mountain tourism. Lingkok Kuwieng is a tourist destination located in Padang Tiji Sub-District, Pidie Regency, Aceh Province.

Lingkok Kuwieng is a river with cliffs which are neatly arranged like the Grand Canyon in the Americas.

The river is located in the interior of the Hagu forest, 20 km or 1.5 hours from the center of the Padang Tiji District, Pidie, Aceh. That place is often called the Grand Canyon of Aceh. Imagine, its river walls are neatly arranged in the form of a large canyon that somewhat resembles an ancient site.

The composition and texture of the stone at a glance like the results of ancient human hand carvings. But make no mistake, the canyon there naturally formed itself. The uniqueness of the Kuwieng Lingkok gorge is purely a natural phenomenon, caused by erosion by mountain water that always flows with varying volumes.

In Lingkok Kuwieng, visitors can enjoy its clean and cold water coming out of some rock crevices. In addition, we can also take a shower in a number of waterfalls that are created because of the river bottom that descends on the rocks.

Foto: IG @mabrol

Being in the forest with natural beauty still awake, can make life more colorful and fresher than the fatigue of work activities. In Lingkok Kuwieng you can relax for a moment on the flat rocks while enjoying the sound of the river water flowing and birds streaming from the forest.

The natural attractions of Lingkok Kuwieng were initially discovered by several members of nature lovers and are now increasingly famous after their photos are uploaded to social media.

Local residents know the place better by the name of Uruek Meuh, which means the Golden Hole because the rocks there that resemble the color of gold.

In the past three years, the Kuwieng Circle has become increasingly popular in the ears of residents. This can be seen from the many visitors who want to enjoy the natural beauty there.

Accomodation in Lingkok Kuwieng is not yet available. It is recommended for visitors who want to go there, beforehand provide provisions as needed.

Although located in the forest, Lingkok Kuwieng can still be accessed by two-wheeled vehicles. However, it is recommended not to use automatic motorcycles. Steep roads and rocks will drive the adrenaline of the rider.

The location can be reached within 1.5 hours from downtown Padang Tijie. It is located on the National Road Medan – Banda Aceh, precisely in the Padang Tiji market, visitors please follow the asphalt lane in front of the Padang Tiji Koramil. then just follow the road until you will enter the road filled with rocks. After the paved road has passed, well that’s where the adventure begins.

The road which is a citizen road to the garden is very steep with large rocks. Especially when half-way, you will climb the mountains with a path that climbs full of rocks so it is very challenging and triggers your adrenaline. 1.5 to 2 hours drive by off-road, you will arrive at Lingkok Kuwieng, a paradise of the Pidie forest.

In addition, we can also ask local residents as a guide by paying Rp. 200,000 per trip. Or rent an off-road car for Rp. 400.000.

Do you want to enjoy the adventure and beauty of Lingkok Kuwieng? Come on to Pidie!

Photo: @makmurdimila


How to get there:

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