A Wonderful Lhok Mee Beach

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If you search for images on Google with the keyword: Aceh. You will find many pictures of the beauty of the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. But behind that, Aceh also has a beach charm that can be an option for traveling.

You will have many choices to choose the beach to visit when you are in Aceh later. One of them is Lhok Mee beach. The attraction of Lhok Mee beach lies in the stretch of white sand with fine grains along the coast. This beach is located in Lamreh Village, Mesjid Raya District, Aceh Besar.

The distance from Banda Aceh City to Lhok Mee beach is about one hour. The direction of the road from the city of Banda Aceh starts from the Mesra Simpang Roundabout towards the Krueng Cut bridge, and goes straight to Jalan Laksamana Keumala Hayati.

The road to Lhok Mee beach is wide and smooth. Sometimes the road uphill and winding. Expanse of blue sea and shady trees into nature paintings on the side of the road during the trip.

During the trip, you will pass several other tourist attractions such as the first Japanese fleet landing monument in Aceh, Ujong Bate beach, Fort Indraptra, Krueng Raya Harbor, Admiral Malahayati’s Tomb, and Lamreh hill.

Arriving in front of the Lhok Mee coastal road, we pay an entrance ticket of Rp.5,000, – after that we will see a stretch of white sand, large trees that take root at a water level of about 1-2 meters, and mangrove roots that soar like a spear when the sea recedes.

If you like fishing, I suggest bringing all of your fishing gear to enjoy the sensation of fishing on Lhok Mee beach. You can sit on the branches of large trees that are flooded by sea water while waiting for the fish to eat bait bait. Not infrequently, anglers will bring home catch fish such as milkfish and grouper.

Still must be vigilant when stepping between the big trees, because a lot of small sharp and sharp woods that can hurt the legs later. Use leg protection when you fish around it.

For tourists lovers of the underwater world, in some locations Lhok Mee beach can find several coral reefs, and a variety of ornamental fish. And when the water receded, this beach became a place for octopus hunting in chunks of coral reefs.

Meanwhile, not far from the shoreline, there are a series of gazebos built by the beach manager that can be used to rest or lay down for a while.

In that place, the sellers also provide a variety of menus, including grilled fish, Aceh noodles, instant noodles, young coconut, coffee, tea, and other light meals. Gazebo is built facing the beach, making tourists more free to enjoy the charm of the beach while eating food with relatives, friends, or acquaintances.

In addition, Lhok Mee beach is a photogenic tourist location. Because of the charm of its beaches, it makes people attractive as a place to take wedding photos.

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