Jambo Kak Nong at Brayeun Dam

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Kak Nong, was frying bakwan, tempe and bananas, when we arrived to sit at Jambo Kak Nong. As if already familiar with all of its customers, Ms. Nong welcomed us warmly like an old friend. Eid atmosphere makes Kak Nong more royal.

“Let’s eat fried. Take it. What do you want to drink, “said the woman who is better known by the greeting Kak Nong. The name given by her parents is Rikha Putri.

Kak Nong is attractive and simple. There is makeup on her face that looks professional. Her skin is sweet black. Like most Acehnese women. Her body is slim. My estimation, he was included in the list of women who maintain appearance even though they have three heads.

Jambo or lapak Kak Nong is located on the edge of a dam. There are eight of them. One Jambo can fit four to five people. The two stalls of Kak Nong are exactly facing the Brayeun dam. Very strategic to enjoy views of the river water surrounded by a cluster of mountains. Every now and then I find a group of small children, jumping from the dam into the water with a height of three meters. They repeated the excitement many times.

The holiday atmosphere was still felt in the second week of June when I came to visit. The proof, even at the beginning of the week, and already entered the work season, visitors are still busy coming. That day, Kak Nong had been at the Brayeun natural tourism location since morning. He said, based on experience last year, up to two weeks after Eid, tourists will continue to burst.

“Except Friday. All forms of nature tourism activities in the Leupong area are closed, “said Kak Nong. 

Kak Nong is a native of Leupung. He lives in the village of Meunasah Bak’u. Not far from the gate to the Brayeun Dam. Brayeun nature tourism is open from 07.00 until 18.00 WIB. Entrance fee of two and five thousand rupiahs. While the four-wheeled ten thousand to twenty thousand rupiahs.

Favorite Tracks for Nature Bike Lovers

On weekends, the Banda Aceh-Leupung route, which is 25 kilometers away, is often used as a path for the bicycle community. The reason is, in addition to passing the paved road, the cyclists will also cross the rock tracks and climbs, when entering the Brayeun natural tourism gate. The expanse of rice fields and wood trees that cut the road along five kilos meters further adds to the attractiveness of the route. If it’s durian season, then you will easily find durian hanging on the tree.

At first glance, the Brayeun dam looks like a pond about 50 meters wide. Not only swimming, the visitors were also seen lined up along the dam, just spoil their eyes while looking towards the mountains. Visitors can also navigate the Brayeun river by using a rubber boat.

Starting from the Ulu Masen National Park

The Brayeun river water comes from the Ulu Masen National Park which is a complete combination of lowland forest and highland forest. By using a rubber boat in a manual paddle, visitors can see firsthand the lowland forest around the Brayeun dam.

In Jambo Kak Nong, some water rides are also rented out. One of them is a rubber boat with various sizes as needed. Inflatable boats with four people can be rented for 30 thousand rupiah per hour. Whereas a rubber boat for six people costs 40 thousand rupiah per hour. For those who like fishing, in Jambo Kak Nong also sells simple fishing gear for 10 thousand rupiah. Jambo Kak Nong also provides free services such as bag storage, changing places for clothes, and booths for sitting, by ordering some food at Kak Nong’s place.

Brayeun river water that is still natural makes freshwater fish habitat still alive there. The most fish in the Brayeun river are Jurung or Kerling fish. If you have a hobby of fishing, then the sensation of fishing while swimming in the Brayeun river is worth a try. Fish that are successfully lured can be brought home for free.

Presumably the forest is still beautiful, can be used as a forum for education for children. Because some animals such as monkeys, monitor lizards, and some other forest plants are still easy to find there. If you are able to paddle a rubber boat about one kilometer upstream from the dam, then visitors can find the river flow which is quite heavy, but not too long, just to feel the sensation of rafting in the Brayeun dam.

For those of you who have never been here, let’s take a vacation to the Brayeun natural attractions, and don’t forget to stop by at Jambo Kak Nong.

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