Kuta Malaka Waterfall, a Small Hidden Paradise in Aceh Besar

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Among the many natural attractions, the waterfall is included in the list of high-magnet tourist destinations and is a favorite choice for tourists who take a break in Aceh.

Not surprisingly, the water pouring from a height of up to tens of meters is not only fresh but also presents an amazing panorama.

Samahani Area, Kuta Malaka District, Aceh Besar District keeps the beauty of offerings from nature.

Behind the Malacca Kuta mountain, as local residents call, there is a 7-level waterfall. From there, we can also take our eyes off the beautiful city of Banda Aceh. There is a green Teletubbies hill which lies wide on the top of Mount Malaka.

The location that is often used as a place for SAR children of Nature Lover Students (MAPALA) is now visited by many local tourists since 2010 precisely 9 years ago.

Kuta Malaca waterfall is located at the foot of Mount Malaka Kuta which is a cluster of Bukit Barisan, Aceh Besar Regency.

The road to the tourist sites that were once untouched asphalt, have now paved and nice little does not tarnish because of soil conditions and red mountain Kuta Malaka and opened for access to the location of the waterfall

On the way to the top, you should pass several small rivers and can take a break to enjoy the freshness sprinkled by the pristine river water.

About 5 Km near the location of the waterfall, the road turns into an uphill and winding road. Need a high level of vigilance in driving so that it does not fall and plummet into the bush.

The challenge through the red land, the road uphill, and a number of tributaries paid off when setting foot on the peak near the entrance to the waterfall.

This is the right spot to unwind, look at the green savanna, the beauty of the face of the city of Banda Aceh, and the background of the Malacca Strait that looks faintly blue.

Feel the sensation closer to nature that reconciles the soul and calms the mind.

It took about 40 minutes from the entrance to the location of the waterfall. To enter this place, we only need to pay Rp 5,000 as retribution.

From the entrance to the location of the waterfall we climbed 489 steps. The steps resemble a deliberately designed footpath so that the visitors are not too tiring.

The steps taken by foot feel comfortable because of the shade of trees. Here visitors will be greeted with bird whistling which is the singing of Mount Kuta Malacca.

Kuta Malaka waterfall is seven stories high to the top of the mountains. Each level has a height of 3-6 meters.

Underneath there is a lake with a depth of 100-200 meters and a width of 200 – 300 meters. Kuta Malaka waterfall is flowed with water from the clear, cool mountains. The clear water makes the bottom of the lake a greenish green to the surface.

Visitors can choose to play slide by sliding from the top to the lake at each level. Can also choose to swim or soak in a lake that is shallow.

Enjoying the gurgling of water in the song of birds and the gentle breeze caressing can also be an option. Sip cool air that is at the same time smothering and relaxing.


Support Facilities

Here there is a cafe that specializes in thirst-releasing drinks. But if you want to have a picnic at the same time, it is advisable to bring lunch and for those who bring Muslim prayer equipment.

This is due to the lack of facilities so that there is no place to sell food, nor is the case with mushalla.

When visiting  Kuta Malaka waterfall tourism is open every day from morning to evening. But considering its location which is relatively isolated and not in the middle of residential areas, it is advisable to visit on weekends or on national holidays.

The best time to visit is morning or evening. So you can enjoy the trip and the beautiful panorama along the road leading to the tourist sites.

Tourism development The location of this waterfall tour was opened in 2009, but has only been popular for the past two years. The lack of supporting facilities and promotions is a constraint.

Most visitors are students. This place is also used as a camping location by the community of nature lovers.

Before the peace agreement between GAM and the Indonesian government in 2005 was reached, this place became one of GAM’s headquarters.

Now as Aceh is conducive, Kuta Malacca waterfall tourism is increasingly being looked at by travelers. No less than 100 – 200 visitors flow here every weekend. How, you are challenged to try out Kuta Malaka? *

Photo: from various sources, credit photo is on the photo owner of each

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