To Pulo Aceh, Turkish Celebrities Admire the Beauty of Nature in Aceh

Relationship between Aceh and Turkey is inseparable, even more the brotherhood was established 480 years ago. The history and era of the empire has been attached to these two nations.

Recently, a Turkish celebrity had the opportunity to visit Aceh, Elif Kubra Genc. Her arrival was facilitated by Acehnese students in Turkey who held social service activities in Pulo Aceh, Aceh Besar.

I am very happy to be in Aceh, I saw that after the tsunami there were many new things in Aceh, the people of Aceh were very friendly, religious, and easy to get along with, “said Elif who is also a student of tourism masters.

Elif’s presence in Aceh, who is also a vlogger, admitted that she greatly admired the natural beauty of the Veranda of Mecca. During his several days in Aceh, she visited a number of tourist spots in Banda Aceh, Sabang, and Pulo Aceh.

“Expanse of sand and beaches in Aceh with a blend of mountains is really beautiful,” said this 29-year-old girl, Selass (08/28/2019).

Not only that, several times she also posted his photos while in Aceh on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Elif also seemed happy and happy when she mingled with the community when visiting Melingge Village in Pulo Aceh. Some photos were captured with the islanders, she also enjoyed the atmosphere of the beach in the village which was also affected by the 2004 tsunami.

“Pulo Aceh is beautiful, especially the beaches. Hopefully the cleanliness of Pulo Aceh must be more maintained, “said Elif who was accompanied by her friend Adanyur.

According to Elif, the potential of Pulo Aceh overlooking the Indian Ocean is very suitable to be developed as a natural and historical tourist attraction.

She also hoped that Pulo Aceh could also develop like Sabang, which had already advanced.

This girl who lives in Istanbul, in addition to Pulo Aceh, also made a pilgrimage to the tombs of her ancestors in Aceh, such as the Baba Daud Rumi Tomb and the Bitai Tomb Complex.

Before returning to her home country, Elif also took time to visit the Sampoiniet CRU, Aceh Jaya, to play with elephants.

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