Playing Kite Surfing in Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu

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Ujong Pancu Banda Aceh became one of the must-visit tourist destinations when he was in Aceh. What interesting things can be found in this place?

The Attractiveness of the Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu

Each beach in Indonesia does have its own characteristics and uniqueness. The beauty that is owned is ultimately the main attraction. It also includes the Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu where this beach has an extraordinary attraction.

Geographically, this beach is at the foot of the mountain but also in the coastal area. The combination of these two landscapes is what makes the Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu look amazing. Moreover, the sloping beaches make a lot of activities can be done on this beach. The coastal area is also fenced by mangrove forests so the resulting natural scenery increasingly looks interesting.

Activities at Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu

When talking about beach tourism, most activities are certainly not far from sports and water activities. Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu where you can do a variety of activities that can be done, including the following;


Fishing is one of the activities and hobbies of many people. Fishing is usually done on the river, but can also be done on the beach or the sea. It’s not all beaches can be used as locations for fishing.

However not with the Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu. This beach is very suitable to be used as a location for fishing because the coastline is relatively sloping. Many rocks are very suitable for fishing.

Kite Surfing

Besides fishing, activities that can be done on this beach are surfing. Surfing is generally synonymous with surfboards, which require large, high waves. But surfing that can be done on the beach in Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu is surfing which uses the help of a kite to be able to move.

The waters on this beach are fairly gentle but the wind that blows can also move the kite – so it is suitable for those of you who are beginners in the field of surfing. But usually the kite surfing equipment must bring their own equipment because the local population has not provided equipment rental.


The waters of this beach are quite shallow so for those of you who like to swim at the beach it is very suitable to visit this beach. Certainly very suitable to be used as a family tourist location.

With a variety of activities that can be done on this beach, there is certainly no need to worry when visiting because there are many things you can do to spend time in this one place.

If you plan to take a vacation especially in the area of Sumatra Island, then Aceh can be the best choice. In addition getting to know the culture of Aceh, you can also enjoy a variety of beautiful and unique beach tourism such as Banda Aceh Ujong Pancu.

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