Seudati Aceh Livened Malay Day in Thailand

Thailand | “The Light of Aceh” tourism branding is increasingly shining, both inside and outside the country in order to continue to introduce and promote Aceh as one of the tourist destinations worth visiting by every tourist, especially on 7th Malay Day @ Yala, Thailand, one of Islamic Malay-based cultural tourism event.

Aceh Regional Secretariat’s Economic and Development Assistant, Teuku Ahmad Dadek, SH, said that all parties need support so that Aceh is increasingly recognized and viral globally as one of the halal tourism destinations or “World’s Best Halal Cultural Tourism Destination”.

“Aceh’s participation in various national and international tourism events is a necessity in order to further strengthen the positioning of Aceh as a world-wide halal tourist destination with a variety of uniqueness and natural and cultural charm and hospitality of the people of Aceh,” said Dadek.

Dadek added that the participation of the Aceh Government on Malay Day in Yala City, Thailand was attended by several other countries, such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and SME elements, including Bawadi Coffee, as well as several other provinces of Indonesia, such as West Sumatra, North Sumatra and Jambi It is expected to be able to introduce Aceh through the appearance of dance, cultural traditions and promotion of Aceh’s tourist charm.

“Promoting Aceh in Thailand, especially on the 7th Malay Day @ Yala from 7 to 9 February 2020 at Chang Peuh Park (White Elephant Field) by bringing the Aceh arts team is considered important as one of the tourist destinations with a variety of natural and cultural charm, while strengthening cooperation economy, cultural exchange and joint promotion between the two countries, Indonesia and Thailand through the spirit of the IMT-GT Cooperation, especially the Government of Aceh and the Government of Yala, “added Dadek, who is also the coordinator of the Aceh delegation team.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, Jamaluddin, SE, M.Si, stated that the Aceh Government through the Disbudpar Aceh continues to promote Aceh tourism, one of which is through participation in a variety of exhibition activities at home and abroad by bringing dance and industry teams of Aceh tourism, such as Asoe Nanggroe Tour and Travel.

“The Aceh Seudati dance in particular and several other traditional dances from the North Aceh Studio of Pomeurah performed lively on the 7th Malay Day @ Yala in order to promote the Acehnese Islamic art treasures to visitors and tourists, especially Yala City people who are generally Muslim, while promoting tourism charm. Other Aceh in the form of brochures, leaflets, tour packages, SME goods and other souvenirs as well as a variety of tourism events that will be held throughout 2020, “said Jamal.

The Head of Marketing Office of the Disbudpar Aceh, Rahmadhani, M.Bus added that Aceh’s participation in the 7th Malay Day @ Yala is expected to have an impact on increasing tourist visits to Aceh in 2020 through a variety of tourist events, exhibitions and publications.

“Indonesian and foreign tourist arrivals to Aceh in 2019 have increased (5.55 percent), reaching 2,636,916 consisting of 2,529,879 people (domestic tourists) and 107,037 people (foreign tourists). Meanwhile, the visit of domestic and foreign tourists to Aceh in 2018 reached 2,498,249 consisting of 2,391,968 people (domestic tourists) and 106,281 people (foreign tourists), “said Rahmadhani.

The appearance of Seudati Dance and other Acehnese traditional dances will be a distinct impression for the Thailand people and the attraction to come and travel to Aceh. (**)

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