Soft Launching Calendar of Aceh Tourism Event 2020

BANDA ACEH – Aceh Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar) launches the Calendar of Events Aceh 2020. The Soft Launching Calendar of Event (COE) Aceh 2020 event takes place at the Aceh Disbudpar Hall, Friday (28/2) / 2020).

At the launching of the Aceh 2020 Soft Calendar of Events (COE), it also invited stakeholders of the Aceh tourism industry and media crew.

Head of the Aceh Disbudpar Jamaluddin said, the Aceh Soft Launching Calendar of Events (COE) this year raised the theme of Great Aceh through the Variety of Attractions in the Aceh Charm of 2020.

“This agenda is to strengthen the branding” The Light of Aceh “to archipelago tourists (domestic tourist) and foreign tourists, increasing awareness of tourists about Aceh as the destination worth visiting by tourists, “said Jamaluddin.

In addition, he said, it also aims to promote Aceh as a safe, comfortable and charming tourist destination for tourists, introducing a variety of tourist attractions that will be held throughout 2020.

“Supporting Aceh’s tourism industry in compiling thematic 2020 tourism packages, building enthusiasm and the commitment of district and governments as chief executive officer (CEO) in introducing their respective regions as tourist-friendly tourist destinations, and increasing tourist visits to Aceh (number of tourists, length of stay, spending), “he explained.

In addition, the Head of Marketing for the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, Rahmadhani, said the number of events increased each year. He believes more and more tourist attractions, will affect the number of tourist visits.

“The more number of tourist attractions will develop new destinations in Aceh, and increasingly Aceh is open to tourists as a safe and comfortable destination,” he said after conducting the 2020 Soft Launching CoE Aceh, in the hall of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, Friday, February 28, 2020.

In 2019, there are 100 events in Aceh, which can bring 2.5 million domestic tourists and 107 thousand foreign tourists.

Still according to Rahmadhani, Aceh’s success in winning as the World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination or “World’s Best Halal Cultural Tourism Destination” through the National and International Halal Tourism Competition (KPHN – Kemenpar RI, 2016) or “World Halal Tourism Award (WHTA – International Travel Week – Abu Dhabi, 2016).

Other achievements is rank II as the Leading Halal Travel Destinations through standard of 2019 Indonesian Muslim Travel Index (IMTI)  are a necessity and need to be maintained through the involvement and support of all parties through the spirit of “Aceh Incorporated”.

“In order to continue strengthen the positioning of Aceh as the World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination, a variety of tourism marketing strategies need to be continued, strengthened and sharpened through 4.0-based activity programs, one of which is by organizing various attractions of natural and cultural-based tourism attractions summarized in the Calendar of Events ( COE) Aceh 2020, “explained the Head of Marketing for the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office.

The Calendar of Events Aceh 2020 curated and evaluated by the Aceh Disbudpar team consisted of 110 tourist attractions ready to be held in almost all districts/cities throughout 2020 through the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, particularly the district/government, Aceh’s cultural/tourism, communities, media, Generations of Indonesian Enchantment (GENPI) Aceh and the Government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) of the Republic Indonesia in the framework of digital viralization. Calendar of Event Aceh 2020 which was successfully curated and summarized by the Team came from several sources or institutions, such as Aceh Disbudpar, SKPA, Regency/City Government and Community/Millennials that have a concern in order to promote the charm of regional tourism, which is divided into 2 (two) segments, namely the Top 10 Aceh 2020 Event and 100 Aceh 2020 Featured Events. The top 10 Aceh Events contained in the calendar 2020 tours are Aceh Culinary Festival, Aceh Diving Festival, Saman Festival, Ramadan Festival, Banda Aceh Coffee Festival, Aceh Sumatra Expo, Islamic Fashion Festival, Leuser Int’l Rafting Championship, Traditional Horse Racing, Pulau Banyak Festival. And 3 (three) of them made it into the 100 Calendar of Wonderful Indonesia 2020 Republic of Indonesia Kemenparekraf, namely Aceh Culinary Festival (Banda Aceh, 7-10 August), Saman Gayo Lues Festival (Gayo Lues, 8-9 November) and Aceh Diving Festival ( Sabang, October 10-11).

Kadisbudpar Aceh Jamaluddin also said, for foreign tourists and domestic tourists visiting Aceh in 2019 experienced an increase of (5.55 percent) compared to 2018, which reached 2,636,916 consisting of 2,529,879 people (domestic tourist) and 107,037 people (Foreign Tourist). Meanwhile, foreign tourists and domestic tourists visiting Aceh in 2018 reached 2,498,249 consisting of 2,391,968 people (domestic tourist) and 106,281 people (Foreign Tourist). The target of 2020 tourists visit is 3 million (domestic tourist) and 150 thousand (Foreign Tourist)

“This will be achieved if all stakeholders who are members of” Aceh Incorporated “support each other, work together and promote Aceh through the spirit of” Like, Love and Share Aceh “and the Aceh tourism branding” The Light of Aceh, “he said.

And planned, in mid-March 2020 Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Wishnu Utama and Acting Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah will launch COE 2020 in the Soesilo Soedirman Hall, the Satona Pesona Building, Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia which will be attended by national and international tourism industry later.

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