Anticipating Covid-19, Forkopimda Aceh Issues 14 Points Exclamation

BANDA ACEH – Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda) Aceh issued 14 points exclamation regarding the prevention and anticipation of the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19).

  1. In order that people do not panic and remain calm and alert in responding to information and situations related to the spread of COVID-19.
  2. In order the people of Aceh always keep ablution, multiply dhikr, worship, recite Qunut Nazilah in every five prayer times, and pray to Allah SWT.
  3. To religious leaders and community leaders to play an active role in educating the community / worshipers in the surrounding environment.
  4. In order people maintain the cleanliness of the environment in their homes, places of worship and workplaces and other public facilities with a clean and healthy lifestyle.
  5. Wash your hands with soap and running water as often as possible.
  6. Expand to eat vegetables and fruit to maintain stamina and endurance of the body, then keep a clean and healthy life behavior.
  7. Avoid crowds or mass gathering if there is no urgent and unimportant necessity, not being close to sick people and wild animals.
  8. Avoid direct physical contact with the speaker / other people such as shaking hands and hugging.
  9. Avoid gathering at coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, markets, tourist attractions and others, it is recommended to buy food and drinks to take home.
  10. Avoid traveling abroad and other areas, if not urgent.
  11. For residents who have just arrived from outside Aceh to quarantine themselves in their respective homes for 14 (fourteen) days.
  12. Community and entrepreneurs not to hoard food, basic necessities and personal protective equipment from COVID-19.
  13. Prohibited from making and / or spreading the news whose truth is not yet clear, and the source cannot be accounted for (Hoax).
  14. To the security forces to be able to monitor and prevent crowd activities and take firm action against the perpetrators of the makers and spreaders of false news (Hoax).


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