Tourism Promotion, Disbudpar Aceh Collaborates with Selebgram

Banda Aceh – Head of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, Jamaluddin held a meeting with influencers and celeb-grams. The meeting took place at the Hermes Palace Hotel, Friday night March 6, 2020.

During the meeting, Jamaluddin said, Aceh was very famous for the sea and the island. Because of that, he asked all parties to get involved in promoting the tourist attractions in Aceh.

“The digital age accelerates information, therefore, tourism promotion must also be carried out by involving influencers and Celebrities,” Jamal said.

He hopes in the future, tourists coming to Aceh should be more increased compared to the previous year.

“One of the promotions that we do is by carrying out the concept of halal tourism whose purpose is to change the negative image that has been developing,” Jamaluddin said.

He hopes influencer and celeb-gram may become spokespersons to promote Aceh tourism.

Egy Fegri, celeb-gram, said that outsiders see Aceh more negatively, such as the matter of clothing, whips and so on.

In addition, there are several tourist attractions that are difficult to access via transportation, such as access to the island many are still constrained by transportation because it takes a very long time to get to the location.

“We hope that the negative do not continue to raised, the good should be removed and the bad remain,” he said.

Kaka Al Farisi, celeb-gram, said that she and her friends often post about Aceh.

“We are one of the ambassadors of Aceh, we often post about Aceh. We have to be more responsible about what we post, “said Kaka.

He asked influencers and creators to be responsible for what was posted on their social media. “We have to make Aceh alive and other people like it.”

Jamal added, as Acehnese people must have a moral responsibility. “Everything we post about goodness, there is value and inner satisfaction.

In addition, he said, to facilitate access to tourist sites must build connectivity.

“There needs to be connectivity between Banda Aceh to Singkil. Building connectivity is not easy, because it must involve all parties or related agencies, “he said.

Jamaluddin added, domestic tourist arrivals and foreign tourists to Aceh in 2019 experienced an increase (5.55 percent) compared to 2018, which reached 2,636,916 consisting of 2,529,879 people (domestic tourist) and 107,037 people (foreign).

Meanwhile, foreign tourists and tourists visiting Aceh in 2018 reached 2,498,249 consisting of 2,391,968 people (domestic tourist) and 106,281 people (foreign).

“The 2020 tourist arrivals are 3 million (domestic tourist) and 150.000 (foreign tourists). This will be achieved if all stakeholders who are members of “Aceh Incorporated” support each other, work together and promote Aceh through the spirit of “Like, Love and Share Aceh” and the Aceh tourism branding “The Light of Aceh,” Jamaluddin said.

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