Banda Aceh Coffee Festival Comes Soon to Coffee connoisseurs

BANDA ACEH– The capital city of Aceh Province, Banda Aceh, will soon be holding a Coffee Festival which has become an annual event at the Aceh Tourism Event Calendar.

The annual event organized by the Banda Aceh City Government since 2011, which is also supported by the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office will be held again in August 2019. According to the Head of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, Jamaluddin, the purpose of the Banda Aceh Coffee Festival is to promote other activities Aceh coffee is also to elevate the image of Aceh coffee that is worldwide to the public so that they love their superior products.

Jamal said, the history of the development of the entry of coffee into Aceh so that it became one of the mainstays of Aceh Province’s mainstay, explained Jamal, namely coffee originating from the Ethiopian region in the 9th century and then continued to expand into Arabia and North Africa, and from there it only entered Asia. and Europe. To Indonesia alone coffee was known in 1969 precisely in Batavia, then later it entered Aceh in 1908.

“Coffee entered Aceh since 1908. Since then Aceh has not only been known for its spices but also by coffee. Well, the Banda Aceh Coffee Festival, in addition to promoting Aceh’s increasingly global coffee, this event is also expected to be able to increase the number of tourists visiting Aceh. Even the Banda Aceh Coffee Festival continues to experience an increase every year because the number of visitors who attend it continues to increase, recorded in 2016 there were 300,000 people but by 2018 there were around 500,000 people. The Banda Aceh Coffee Festival is one of the events that was held in Banda Aceh City which was very successful in attracting the attention of the people of Indonesia and even the world community, “said Jamal who was accompanied by the Head of Marketing, Rahmadhani in Banda Aceh, Monday (07/08/2019).

Furthermore Jamal said, the Banda Aceh Coffee Festival is not an ordinary coffee festival, this festival combines coffee, music and tourist attractions. This highly anticipated event, both national and world coffee lovers, is believed to be able to increase the number of domestic and local tourist visits to Aceh whose notation is known as Gayika Arabica coffee.

“The crowning of Aceh as the Best Halal Tourism Destination in Indonesia will certainly make Banda Aceh a tourist destination that will attract potential tourists from all over the world,” he said again.

Rahmadhani, Head of Marketing and Disbudpar Aceh, added, Banda Aceh is also known as the city of 1001 coffee shops, with the phrase, “A Cup of Coffee with a Million stories”. Obviously Dhani, the most famous phrase, when it comes to coffee, because all business matters to other matters will be more enjoyable when discussed in the company of a cup of coffee.

“Going to Aceh is not yet ‘legal’ if you don’t drink coffee, even if it’s only a cup. Tourists who are in Aceh, want coffee lovers or not, if they have visited Aceh, both Banda Aceh or other regencies / cities that definitely enjoy coffee. If you are already accustomed to drinking Aceh coffee, surely when drinking other coffee will feel the difference. There is coffee, there is a story. There is no coffee, there is no story, “Dhani said.

The term Kota Banda Aceh as the city of 1001 coffee shops is also not without reason, because there are so many coffee shops lined up in Banda Aceh that are never empty of visitors. Traditional and modern coffee shops in Banda Aceh, called Dhani, have become one of the sectors driving the regional economy through job storage.

“If just one coffee shop can accommodate ten workers, thousands of workers have been absorbed from the coffee shop business. Not to mention we’re talking about the velocity of money in a coffee shop, “said Dhani.

Dhani said, the Banda Aceh Coffee Festival which was held this August was a heaven for those delicious and fragrant coffee lovers, the traditional Acehnese music and wind gusts from the lush trees added to the extraordinary pleasure for visitors in sipping the pleasure of the black powder.

Various types and techniques of coffee processing can be found and enjoyed at every stant in the location of the event, starting from the usual coffee served with a mixture of cream, sugar, milk or chocolate to coffee with a mixture of various fruits, even with a unique mixture like coffee with a mixture of roomie (nirapresso).

There was also a performance by a barista that would show their ability to mix and mix coffee at each of them at Camp Barista. There is also a khop coffee from West Aceh that has never been absent in this event to be enjoyed with the reverse glass technique. This technique is a way to enjoy coffee which has been a culture of Acehnese society since ancient times.

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