Disbudpar Aceh Campaigns The Light of Aceh Through Live Music at the Saman Gayo Lues Festival

BANDA ACEH – The Aceh Government through the Office of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Aceh campaigns for the branding of The Light of Aceh (Cahaya Aceh) at the Saman Gayo Festival Lues

This was stated, Kadisbudpar Aceh, Jamaludin, when present witnessed the presentation of The Light of Aceh Music Festival in order to enliven the 2019 Saman Festival.

“Even this live music is as support and becomes an important moment, not only entertainment media, but also branding campaigns,” explained Jamaluddin to the beginning of the media in the Thousand Hills Stadium, Bebesen District, Gayo Lues Regency, Sunday night (18/08/2019).

Jamal continued, The Light of Aceh Festival as a joint movement to develop the Aceh Tourism industry through the spirit of Aceh tourism branding “The Light of Aceh” or “Light of Aceh”.

Also as a national tourism co-branding “Wonderful Indonesia” or “Enchantment of Indonesia”, so that it becomes an identity and pride of the people of Aceh.

“The Light of Aceh’s branding philosophy is to reflect the spirit of all the people of Aceh who are united through the Islamic Sharia Rahmatan lil ‘naturalin, as a bright light that invites values ​​of goodness, prosperity, and provides benefits and goodness for all parties,” he explained .

Separately, the Head of Marketing, Rahmadhani in Banda Aceh, Monday (8/19/2019) said, The Light of Aceh tourism branding is not only known in Banda Aceh by Aceh tourism actors, but also in all districts / cities through demonstrations. events, such as the 2019 Saman Festival.

“The Light of Aceh Music Festival as a support event becomes an important moment, not only entertainment media, but also branding campaigns,” Rahmadhani said.

Congratulations on the 2019 Saman Festival, which runs from the 18th to the 21st of August, visitors will be presented with a musical performance by the local Aceh band and singer. This live music will appear on the sidelines of the Saman race, which will be followed by 15 Saman groups in Aceh from East Aceh, Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Pidie, Central Aceh, Gayo Lues, and Southeast Aceh with a total prize of Rp73 million.

“The Saman Festival in Gayo Lues features a music performance enlivened by several local Acehnese singers which began Sunday night (18/8/2019), and closes with Rialdoni’s performance on August 21, 2019.

“Local Acehnese singers will also entertain visitors to the Saman Festival with songs in Aceh and Gayo which are more hits in the community”, concluded Rahmadhani.

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