Ratoh Jaroe Wins Best Traditional Art Performance at Wonju Festival in Korea

SEOUL – Head of the Aceh Government Liaison Agency (BPPA), Almuniza Kamal, said the Ratoh Jaroe dance from Aceh who took part in the Wonju Dynamic Dencing Festival which was held from 3 to 11 September 2019 won the Best Traditional Art Performance at the event.

“This Ratoh Jaroe dance is performed by younger siblings from Al Azhar 9 Middle School Kemang Pratama Bekasi, achieving the best traditional art performance in Korea. Of course we should be proud of this achievement, “explained Almuniza Kamal, Friday, September 13, 2019.

He said, what was achieved by the Al Azhar Islamic Middle School was proof that Aceh with its cultural diplomacy was able to compete and be accepted by the national and international community.

“Interestingly, the Ratoh Jaroe dance performer is not a resident of Aceh, but wants to learn the culture of the Rencong land,” Almuniza explained.

According to him, this is a great potential for Aceh in addition to being able to make art and culture proud, it can also be another plus that is able to move dance performers to more actively organize events.

“Therefore, we will maintain our concern for the arts and culture, we will even increase it in the future as mandated by the Acting Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah, in every cultural event that we hold,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the trainer and originator of the Ratoh Jaroe Dance, Yusri Saleh or familiarly called Dekgam said, the children of Al Azhar 9 Islamic Middle School Kemang Pratama Bekasi had shown maximum performance.

“It is really a pleasure that our fostered children are able and not afraid to perform the Ratoh Jaror Dance in front of 20 thousand pairs of eyes watching the program,” Dekgam explained.

He hoped, with what was achieved by the Al Azhar 9 Islamic Middle School Kemang Pratama Bekasi could provide motivation to other schools to take part in various festivals later, both at national and international levels.

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