Aceh Government Commemorates 15 Years of Tsunami Aceh’s

Head of Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar), Jamaluddin said, the peak of the 15th anniversary of the Aceh earthquake and Tsunami with the theme “Fighting Forgotten, Building Alert” will be commemorated this time on the Pidie Convention Center (PCC) page, Pidie Regency with an estimated number of invitations reaches 7,000 people.

He said, the election of Pidie District, as the main location for the 15th anniversary of the earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh was based on past events, where Pidie District also suffered serious impacts due to the earthquake and tsunami waves which resulted in the destruction of property, and the lives of local people.

“A series of other supporting activities will color the peak of the 15th Anniversary of the Aceh Earthquake and Tsunami,” Jamaluddin said, Friday, December 13, 2019.

According to him, the theme selection in the framework of the 15th Anniversary of the Aceh Earthquake and Tsunami was expected to all the people and the Government of Aceh, especially the younger generation Aceh to never forget past disasters, which not only caused destruction and destruction, but also eliminated loved ones and always built community awareness towards a culture of alert to various disasters that could occur at any time and anywhere.

“Through these warnings, it will be an encouragement for all of us to always take care of various Tsunami heritage (Tsunami heritage) as a tourist attraction for disaster which certainly has provided various benefits, both economically, and socially culturally,” said Jamaluddin.

He mentioned, not only for the tourism industry in sharing disaster experiences with tourists, but also for tourists who want to learn about how the earthquake and Tsunami occurred and whacked Aceh, how the Aceh people saved themselves, how the Aceh people built themselves after the disaster, and how the community international support for the rebuilding of Aceh. All of the goodness needs to be seen in a variety of positive perspectives from past disasters, as a wisdom “blessing in disguise,” Jamaluddin said.

The Head of Marketing Division of the Aceh Disbudpar, Rahmadhani, said that hopefully the earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh that occurred on December 26, 2004, will always be commemorated by all the people and the Government of Aceh in an effort to build public awareness towards a culture of disaster preparedness, at any time as a message connector and expectations between the Tsunami martyrs, the people who directly experienced past disasters and Aceh’s young generation who need to continue to build Aceh through the spirit of “Better Aceh Development” towards “Great Aceh” in various aspects of Acehnese people’s lives.

“Let’s continue to carry out Tsunami warnings at any time and by anyone by always spreading messages of global disaster. Continue to share past disaster experiences with anyone and at any time as a major part of building a culture of community disaster preparedness, even though the number of Aceh Tsunami victims who are still living witnesses will eventually disappear as a result of the times, “Rahmadhani said.

On the peak day of the Tsunami warning will be attended by Ust. H. Abdul Somad, LC, MA filled Tausiyah and Prayer Together. In addition, there will be a Documentary Film Screening (Rising Together After the Disaster), Tangke Subur Dani Group Appearance, Kougetsu School Association Theatrical Appearance and the Presentation of the Opick Tombo Ati (Opick) Group.

Before 15th anniversary of the Aceh Tsunami, also held a series of activities, namely; Pole Tsunami Rally, Katana (Disaster Resilient Family) Indonesia in Pasie Jantang, Aceh Besar, Photo Disaster Exhibition, Surgery & Disaster Book Launching (Smong Purba, Friday Disaster Disaster & Disaster Trace in Aceh), Muzakarah Muslim Scholars: Building Efforts Towards Awareness Aceh Disaster, Disaster Seminar with the University of Hyogo Japan and several other activities.

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