Pulau Banyak International Festival 2019, Officially Opened

Aceh Regent Singkil Dul Mursid officially opened the 2019 Pulau Banyak International Festival officially in the field of the naval post port (Posal), Pulau Banyak, Monday night (7/22/2019).

This festival which has been held for the third time lasts for 5 days, starting from July 21-25, 2019.

Many different types of series of activities are displayed on the Pulau Many International Festivals such as cultural attractions, fun surfing, island camping, family trips, training resources human resources (HR) tours, culinary festivals, and gathering of Indonesian charm.

In his remarks Aceh Regent Singkil
Dul Mursid said this activity was one of the efforts to promote many island tourism. This activity was initiated by the Government of Aceh Singkil District through the Aceh Singkil Youth, Sports and Tourism Office (diparpora).

“Aceh Singkil tourism visit in 2019 has reached around 6300 archipelago tourists and 2557 foreign tourists, and it is expected that as tourism promotion continues to intensify, tourists who will visit Aceh Singkil Regency continue to increase, especially at the Pulau Many International Festival 2019 event,” said Dul Musrid in his remarks.

The Government of Aceh Singkil Regency hopes that this festival will be able to absorb tourist visits to Pulau Banyak to reach 2000-3000 per day, so that the money circulation during the event is predicted to reach 6-9 billion or more. It is hoped that this will boost the local economy.

Correspondingly, the Head of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, Jamaluddin, hopes that the 2019 Pulau Banyak International Festival is able to become one of Aceh’s permanent events that not only presents entertainment, uniqueness and regional cultural charm, but is also able to present the maritime charm which is one of its attractions. .

A series of activities at the 2019 Pulau Banyak International Festival were also enlivened by the Indonesian Enchantment Gathering event by the Aceh Indonesian Charm Generation (GenPI) team.

In addition, Kadiv Devisi Online, Muhammad Arista, hopes that the presence of GenPI at the Pulau Banyak Festival will help increase the promotion of Aceh Singkil tourism destination as one of the mainstay marine tourism destinations in Aceh Province.

Certainly the role of GenPI engaged in digital media in promoting Aceh tourism is very helpful in this digital 4.0 era.

“The GenPI Aceh gathering team is ready to neutralize all destinations and activities on Pulau Banyak. This was marked by popularizing the #pesonapulaubanyak hashtag during the event, “explained the gathering’s coordinator.

Finally, the opening night of the Pulau Banyak International Festival event was concluded with the festive display of the colossal dance “Basamo Kito Besatu” and a series of shows from a variety of local and national musicians and bands.

The Head of Marketing for the Disbudpar Aceh, Rahmadhani, M.Bus, also expressed his appreciation to the media friends and Genpi Aceh who continue to neutralize Aceh’s cultural and natural charm, especially the 2019 Pulau Many International Festival event as one of Aceh’s premier maritime events combined with cultural charm Aceh Singkil community. ***

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