Enchantment of The Light of Aceh at the Indonesia Moscow Festival

4thFestival 2019 Indonesia, an integrated festival of trade, tourism and investment or Trade, Tourism and Investment (TTI) cooperation between the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and the Russian Government is taking place in Moscow – Russia on the 1st until 4 August 2019. Starting with the Business Forum activity at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Moscow, which was attended by around 700 Indonesian and Russian businessmen, the 4th Indonesian Festival with the theme “Visit Wonderful Indonesia: Enjoy Our Tropical Paradises”.

The Government of Aceh through the Aceh delegation consists of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, the Aceh Bappeda, the Aceh Industry and Trade Office, the Investment Office and the One Stop Integrated Service, PT. The development of Aceh, the Aceh Food Service as well as several Acehnese entrepreneurs / IKM actively participated in the 4th Indonesian Festival in Moscow, not only in the Business Forum, but also in the Indonesian Exhibition.

The Head of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office, Jamaluddin, SE, M.Sc as the Chair of the Delegation stated that the 4th Indonesian Festival was another strategic event for Aceh to participate in introducing and promoting Aceh with all its superior potential. “For both of you, Aceh participated in the Indonesian Festival, which was initiated by the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow. Aceh’s participation in this festival is not without clear goals and targets.

On the contrary, Aceh’s participation in this festival brought some Acehnese entrepreneurs / IKMs, such as UD. Bawadi Foods (IKM Kopi), KBQ Baburrayyan (Cooperative and Coffee Producers), Yuyun Bordir (Aceh Handicraft) and CV. Gadeng Wisata (Thematic Tourism Package) is to introduce Aceh with a variety of superior commodities, such as Aceh coffee, Aceh handicraft and Aceh’s leading tourism packages, “said Jamal.

According to Jamal, commodities promoted in Moscow received serious attention from Russian visitors, especially Aceh coffee, both in the form of direct purchases and long-term transaction cooperation.

One of the Aceh coffee IKM, Teuku Dhahrul Bawadi said, the Aceh coffee trade cooperation opportunities are very promising during his participation in the Indonesian Festival in Moscow. “Opportunities for cooperation in the Aceh coffee trade with Russian entrepreneurs are very wide open.

Thank God. I managed to get 4 potential coffee buyers from Russia, namely 2 roasting coffee companies, 1 1 coffee importer and 1 retail. Specifically for the 100 gram Arabica and 100 gram Robusta coffee retail, they will visit Aceh and coffee plantations in October 2019. This hope will be the best contribution from Aceh’s IKM to Aceh, “Bawadi said enthusiastically.

This was also felt by Iwannitosa, representative of KBQ Baburrayyan, there was also a request for cooperation in the coffee trade between Russian businessmen and their cooperatives. Meanwhile, Head of Marketing for the Disbudpar Aceh, Rahmadhani, M.Bus who also participated in the Indonesian Festival in Moscow stated that 2 (two) Aceh stands with various promotional materials enlivened the Indonesian Festival, and were never devoid of visitors and tourists

“Thank God. 2 Aceh stands measuring 5 × 5 and and 3 × 3 decorated with posters of Aceh tourism charm photos sponsored by Bank Aceh Syariah are always crowded by visitors, not only to enjoy branding “The Light of Aceh” through various brochures, leaflets, other thematic tour packages, Plasma TVs and other unique souvenirs, but also the chance to enjoy Aceh coffee for free, “Rahmadhani said. Furthermore, Rahmadhani said that the Aceh stand was also visited by visitors because it provided free coffee specially formulated by a barista.

“To attract visitors’ interest and give a direct impression on the sensation of the pleasure and fragrance of Aceh’s coffee in the atmosphere of cold air in Moscow, the Aceh stand serves free coffee to visitors who are certainly specially formulated by a coffee barista, as well as promoting the Aceh Coffee Trail Adventure tour package in the highlands Gayo through the spirit of halal tourism, “concluded Rahmadhani. Plt. The Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah stated that Aceh is a rich country, not only with superior commodities, such as coffee, palm oil, fisheries, etc., but also its natural and cultural charm that is worthy of being visited by tourists through good service.

The presence of foreign investors is a necessity as an added value in creating change and prosperity for the people of Aceh. (*)

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