Waiting for the Rising Sun and Sinking in the West End of Indonesia

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Sabang is an area that lies in the middle of a vast ocean flanked by the Indian Ocean and the Malacca Strait. The charm of the underwater world with various types of coral reefs and ornamental fish species has its own magnetism for travelers and tourists when visiting Sabang.

The charm of the sunrise and sunset on the Sabang sea further enhances the beauty of the country’s most westernmost tip of Indonesia. Sabang is one of the outer islands in Aceh which has a million charms ranging from marine tourism to historical tours of the second world war.

Sabang is known for its beautiful marine tourism and amazing underwater panoramas. Moreover, the location of one tourist destination to another is not too far away, so that it can be easier for visitors to change locations at any time.

Likewise with historical tourism destinations that are so rich. Many of the remaining fortresses of Japanese soldiers for example, the first hajj boarding house in Indonesia is located on Rubiah Island, and waterfalls are located in several locations in Sabang.

Sabang also has an extreme tourist destination for visitors who have an adventurous spirit. Like in the volcano which is still active in Jaboi. Jaboi volcano is located in Jaboi Village, Sukmajaya District or 15 kilometers from the city of Sabang.

So it would not be wrong if the island of Weh Sabang became one of the tourist destinations in Lis list of your vacation and friends or holidays with family.

Many spots that can be visited in Sabang, especially its beaches are no less interesting than the beaches in Bali. Likewise with the inn there are some that are located close to the shoreline, and when you wake up in the morning you can directly face the sea watching the sunrise as well as the sunset.

There are dozens of interesting tourist destinations that can be visited in Sabang, including Iboih beach, Gapang, white sand beaches, prialaot waterfalls, Lake Aneuklaot, cave nests and many others.

In geography lessons we know the City of Sabang as the westernmost city in Indonesia. Administratively, Sabang is within the province of Aceh, but in terms of location Sabang is located on Pulau Weh. Sabang has many small islands scattered on the north and west sides with Weh Island as its largest island, and Rondo Island as the northernmost island.

The city of Sabang is widely known for its impressive natural panoramic beaches. Not surprisingly, Sabang is the host of various marine festivals such as Sail Sabang in 2017 and the April Sabang Marine Festival this year. Sabang now also has a Sabang Yacht Club that is connected with other Yacht Clubs in Southeast Asia. Not only is the beach panorama good, Sabang also has many other tourist destinations that will make your vacation more memorable.

How to get to the zero point island west of Indonesia.

  • From Banda Aceh to Sabang, you have to take a ferry with a ticket price of Rp. 27,000 / person.
  • If you bring a motorcycle, then add a motorcycle ticket, Rp. 27,000 / motorbike and Rp. 230,000 for a private car ticket.
  • It can also be traveled by express ship (fast boat) with an economic ticket price of IDR 80,000 / person,
  • Sabang also provides motorbike rental services for IDR 100 – 150 thousand / day <24 hours> and for cars the price range is IDR 300-500 thousand / day plus a driver.

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