Mysterious Tour, Gua Tujuh From Laweung Translucent to Mecca

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UA Tujuh or often called Guha Tujoh Laweung, is one of the many tourist attractions in Aceh. This tourist attraction is full of mystery that can not be digested by reason or mind. It is said that this cave is believed by local residents to get to Mecca.

Gua Tujuh is located on Jalan Banda Aceh KM 100, precisely in Laweung Village, Muara Tiga District, Pidie Regency, Aceh.

The cave, which is located between Muara Tiga and Batee Districts, has seven main gates, one of which is believed to be able to reach Mecca, although until now no one has been able to prove the mystery or belief of the local residents.

The belief that this cave can penetrate to Mecca has been hereditary in the local community. This story continues to develop to make tourists interested in visiting this cave. This attraction is the most visited by local and foreign tourists.

Travel to this cave can be reached by using a motor vehicle or a tourist car. The journey that takes the road over the mountains and the seafront has its own enjoyment, the article tourists can enjoy the vast natural panorama.

When entering this cave, there will be a guide who will help. These guides are usually local residents.

According to a guide, not everyone who enters the cave can get to Mecca.

“Is it true that the Cave of Seven can penetrate to Mecca,” I asked the guide.

“Translucent, but only pious or aulia people can go there,” answered the guide.

Cave seven became a place that was saved by Acehnese people. So it’s no wonder some people call it a pilgrimage to Cave Seven, not a tourist spot.

When entering the cave, you should be careful, after passing through the entrance, you will go down through the wooden stairs that have been provided.

However, to be able to better enjoy the scenery in the cave, you should bring a torch, a torch or a flashlight, because in the cave it is very dark and musty, the floor is also a little slippery due to rainwater deposition.

In the cave are stored various historical stories of mystery. In addition to the aulia’s hermitage, there was also a large stone that hung without a barrier.

The existence of anti-gravity stone is then made many people curious to come directly to witness this rare phenomenon. This anti-gravity stone is called Bate Meugantung (dependent stone).

In addition to hanging stones, in this cave you can walk around to see objects made of stone in the form of beds, birds and others. If you are thirsty, you don’t need to bring water from outside, because in this cave there is water that is said to be drunk directly without having to cook. This clear and fresh water is said to be a medicine.

It is also said that there are small caves around the Cave of Seven, namely Guha Uleu (Snake Cave), Guha Mie (Cat Cave) and Guha Rimueng (Tiger Cave). However, these small caves cannot be accessed by visitors.

Although there are seven gates or tunnels in this cave, not all tunnels can be visited. Because there are tunnels that are already covered with stones, there are also very small tunnel doors. If you want to enter it, visitors must crawl 2 to 3 meters.

According to data from various sources, the formation of the cave seven is the result of a decrease in sea (level Sea level water) to cause the area to be exposed to the surface to date. Therefore, if you go up to the cave, you will enjoy views of the rocky mountains and the sea.

The tour, which is managed by local residents, does not set a price for entry or guides in the cave, but they will receive whatever will be paid by tourists who visit the cave.

Until now, the truth of the story and the history of the Cave of Seven is still a mystery that cannot be explained scientifically. However, the cave is believed to be the place where seven Aulia were rescued in Aceh.

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