Mak Meugang, a Sacred Moment to Share Among Others

15/05/2018 - 16/05/2018


  • Date: 15/05/2018 - 16/05/2018


MAK Meugang is a long important cultural tradition in Aceh. It is also a most awaited moment by all people of Aceh. It is marked by consuming beef, chicken and the like among family members and even neighbours precisely a day prior to Ramadhan month (fasting).

Introduced since the Aceh Sultanate in the past of 16th century, the powerful philosophy and spirit of Mak Maugang among Acehnese family still exist and will always endure for its strong message for sharing and uniting among family members.

The strong philosophy of Mak Meugang in Aceh is quite amazing and emotional. It teaches married men in Aceh not only to make a greater effort to buy at least a kilo of beef for their loved ones at home, to hope all family members away from home to return, to get united with family and consuming special Acehnese culinary and to get together to start fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan, but also to share lucks in the forms of money or beef among the needy.

As the most populous moslem country in Indonesia, a nuance of Ramadhan in Aceh is quite special and emotional for those who are seeking a serenity and closeness toward Him.

A number of religious events during Ramadhan are lively held and the unique lifestyle of Acehnese during the holy days of Ramadhan is also worth looking at and engaging.

May Ramadhan this year will always inspire you and your loved ones with generosity, sincerity, joys, patience and respect among others no matters we are different in culture, faith, skin color, language, race and culture.

Writer Rahmadhani & Photo Zulfan Helmi

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